Política de privacidad en Hadirr

En Hadirr nos preocupamos por su privacidad. Lea cómo gestionamos y mantenemos sus datos.

This privacy policy will explain how fast8 manage and keep the data which own by the customer of Hadirr.

  1. Definition
    1. Hadirr is a cloud based application to administer the attendance, working time sheet, and reimbursement which is owned and operated by PT. Fatiha Sakti (hereby named “fast8”), consist of;
      1. Website portal is a Hadirr’s website which can be accesed trough www.hadirr.com
      2. Mobile apps is android and iOS based application of Hadirr which can be downloaded trough Play Store and App Store
    2. Customer is a part which consist but not limited to admin and user of Hadirr.
    3. User is a customer of Mobile apps.
    4. Personal Information are information regarding the company which can be identified and collected trough website portal which can be identified the user who is using the mobile apps.

  2. Data Management
    1. Fast8 keeps and manages all types of company information included but not limited to employee’s data and attendance. Your data will not be abused by fast8 except the customer is determined differently. Fast8 trough Hadirr manage the given data for the needs of;
      1. Manage attendance data
      2. Manage reimbursement system
      3. Manage employee timesheets
      4. Dispute settlement or collecting cost
      5. Enforce the terms and condition
    2. Hadirr warrants that there are no selling, endorsing, distributing or lending on the personal information to the third parties without any permission from customer. Except if Hadirr has the obligation to reveal and/or share the customer’s data in an attempt to adhere to the applicable law.

  3. Website Access
  4. Fast8 collects the website’s statistics (log file) with intention to measure the security performance and maintain the fast8’s website.

    1. Website Access
      1. Hadirr’s website portal is protected by intellectual property rights included but not limited to copyright and trademark whether it is registered or not.
      2. Legal action will be conducted if it is identified the attempt related to this matter whether intentionally or unintentionally to change or destruct Hadirr’s website portal and/or the device server which built in it without any special permission from Hadirr.
    2. Mobile Apps
      1. If the user operates mobile apps by mobile device, fast8 will track and collect the information in regard to the user’s location in real time.
      2. Fast8 uses these information to input the related data to the system.
      3. User can switch-off the Global Positioning System (GPS) while user does not use mobile apps.
      4. User’s mobile device will notify the user to switch-on the Global Positioning System (GPS) when user wants to conduct the attendance in Hadirr mobile apps.

  5. Cookies Utilization
  6. Cookies are the standard technology which is used to save the microscopic bits on the Customer’s hard drive to the browser of the customer. Most of the web browser automatically receive cookies, except of the customer has configured the browser not to accept them.

  7. Changing or Deleting Your Data
  8. All users of Hadirr Website and Hadirr Mobile Apps can review, update, or correct the personal information contained on Our Website and Application.

    Hadirr account cannot be deleted right away after User’s Service Period has ended or when User decided to terminate the subscription. It is not possible to delete Hadirr account immediately at the end of Service Period to keep data safe and maintain service stability. In the event that Hadirr Service Period ends, data will automatically be inaccessible to user. Your data will be deleted from Our database after 30 (thirty) calendar days from the end of the Service Period if Service Period is not extended.

  9. Other Provisions
    1. On any occasion Hadirr may revise this privacy policy to emulate the amendment of the applicable law, collecting the personal information, website portal feature and mobile apps, or the improvement of technology in fast8. If fast8 later on make amendment which make fast8 change the process of managing and using the customer’s data, the amendment will be announced in the privacy policy link and the date of the amendment will be noted in the beginning of this privacy policy. Therefore, customer has the obligation to consider this privacy policy periodically so that the customer always gets the latest information regarding this privacy policy. The latest privacy policy will be actively applied since the date of the announcement published on the website portal.
    2. If there is a different interpretation regarding the language of this privacy policy, so the Indonesian version will be applied.
    3. By using Hadirr, customer recognizes that customer has read, understand, and agree on this privacy policy.
    4. Customer can communicate to Hadirr trough;
      1. Email : info@hadirr.com
      2. Telephone : (021) 3115-1775
      3. Hadirr Office
        1. Gedung Binasentra Lt. 1 Unit 106 & 112
        2. Kompleks Bidakara
        3. Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav.71-73
        4. Jakarta 12870 – Indonesia