Política de seguridad en Hadirr.

Consideramos la seguridad y privacidad de los datos con extrema gravedad. Nuestro enfoque en el desarrollo del producto garantiza que nuestros clientes tengan el control de sus datos y que su información esté segura.

How safety my data on Hadirr?

No need to worry, your safety is our top priority. Therefore, Hadirr always try to improve the security system to optimize our services and keep your personal information. Here’s our guard line to secure your data:

  1. Security Socket Layer (SSL) 256-bit (security system on bank)

    Padlock sign on URL Hadirr indicates the page is protected with Security Socket Layer or SSL. SSL ensures no changes when transfer data is processing and can not be seen to anyone.

    We use SSL encryption 256-bit, similar technology as bank to protect your account data.

  2. Data Storage

    Your data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) server, a trusted Cloud Infrastructure as a Service in the world. It means Hadirr’s infrastructures are safe and guarantee by AWS.

    You can look AWS reputation as a “Leader” in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service in here.

  3. Data Backup

    We backup your data to several servers in different location every hour and 24/7 days in a week.

  4. Data Encryption

    Our encryption system secures your data will not be seen to anyone and only accessible to whom granted the access. Here’s list of your secure data in our system:

    - Company Data
    - Personnel Data
    - Attendance Component Data
    - Reimbursement Component Data
    - Photo for Face Recognition

  5. Log Activities

    Hadirr provides log activities to ensure your safety. Log activities record all actions to your account, either conducted by yourself, administrator, or anonymous.