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Hadirr is a cloud-based mobile application as attendance solution.

Cloud based means Hadirr server managed by third party, in this matter it is Amazon Web Services, so Hadirr can be accessed everywhere and everytime as long as user is connected with internet network.

Hadirr helps company in any level businesses to be more efficient and effective with low-risk investment through managing company’s employee performance.

Hadirr’s benefit to you:

1. Hadirr provides you employee attendance application system that can be use everywhere in the world with a simple taps on mobile device.

2. Monitor employee’s attendance at pre-approved attendance spots for multiple branch offices through Hadirr dashboard.

3. Timesheet feature which contains real-time data of employee’s schedule from their devices. HR can monitor mobile employee more effective and the feature is useful for evaluating employee’s performance.

4. Hadirr presents reimbursement feature. This feature helps HR and finance division to manage employee reimbursement. Employee can upload proof or receipt whereas HR and finance can coordinate to approve and pay the reimbursement.

Hadirr accommodates any levels businesses including:

  • Small company that has minimum six employees
  • Big company that has more than 500 employees
  • Company that has multiple branch offices scattered in many regions

No need to worry, your safety is our top priority. Therefore, Hadirr always try to improve the security system to optimize our services and keep your personal information. Here’s our guard line to secure your data:

Security Socket Layer (SSL) 256-bit (security system on bank)

Padlock sign on URL Hadirr indicates the page is protected with Security Socket Layer or SSL. SSL ensures no changes when transfer data is processing and can not be seen to anyone. We use SSL encryption 256-bit, similar technology as bank to protect your account data.

Data Storage

Your data is stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) server, a trusted Cloud Infrastructure as a Service in the world. It means Hadirr’s infrastructures are safe and guarantee by AWS. You can look AWS reputation as a “Leader” in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service in here.

Data Backup

We backup your data to several servers in different location every hour and 24/7 days in a week.

Data Encryption

Our encryption system secures your data will not be seen to anyone and only accessible to whom granted the access. Here’s list of your secure data in our system:

  • Company Data
  • Personnel Data
  • Attendance Component Data
  • Reimbursement Component Data
  • Photo for Face Recognition

Log Activities

Hadirr provides log activities to ensure your safety. Log activities record all actions to your account, either conducted by yourself, administrator, or anonymous.

If you are not renewing your account up to 30 days after you receive payment notification, it will automatically erased from our system.
Hadirr application is used by many users at once, hence it is not applicable for us to make customized feature, any changes will influence other Hadirr’s user. But, we are very welcome to constructive suggestions that can improves our services. Please contact us at info@hadirr.com.

Hadirr gives you several advantages compared to other attendance system:

  1. Hadirr is an easy-to-use applications for everyone.
  2. Hadirr’s features already adjusted with company’s needs, particularly company that has many mobile employee but could not monitor their attendance effectively.
  3. Hadirr does not use paper nor machine. Everyone can download Hadirr’s app at Play Store from their devices.
  4. Low-risk investment (can be adjusted with number of employees), it makes Hadirr as economical system.

If you have troubles using Hadirr, our support team are ready to help you during workdays start at 08.00 – 18.00 WIB through live chat portal on the bottom-right side of Hadirr’s page or you can call at (021) 3115-175.

Data from Hadirr is taken from user devices using latest technology in real-time; GPS system and Biometrics system.

GPS system used to make employee attendance more precise, whereas Biometrics system is a complementer system using face recognition, it makes Hadirr gives you double assurance.

Hadirr has four key reports:

  1. Employee attendance
  2. Reimbursement
  3. Timesheet (employee’s schedule)
  4. Client visit

No, it does not. Hadirr will provides tutorial video in “help” menu at Hadirr’s app.

Hadirr is different from other system. Hadirr is self-service and does not need time to implement it. User is automatically setting and implementing the application by following guidelines to use the application.

Yes, it does. Your employee can access their personal information at Hadirr application. They also can upload proof or receipt in reimbursement tab.

User portal is special page that can be accessed with employee. This portal contains personal information about employee:

  1. Employee personal data
  2. Attendance spots
  3. Daily attendance
  4. Attendance summary
  5. Timesheet
  6. Reimbursement

Yes, Hadirr provides 7 days Free Trial services (max. 6 employees  member)

Hadirr service fee is IDR 12,500 per user every month.

Currently we only accept payment through Cash Deposit or Bank Transfer. Our bank account numbers can be seen here.

Payment for Hadirr services can be done through cash deposit or bank transfer to this account:



PT Fatiha Sakti

KCP Menara Bidakara - Jakarta Selatan


Hadirr offers you economical price compared to company’s expense to maintenance or update fingerprint machine, reduce human error that applied if company records employee attendance manually, and our features prevent your employee to cheat.

Yes you can. Hadirr allows you to use Hadirr features everywhere in the world.

Yes you can. Attendance spots might be change anytime you want within radius 10 meters until 100 meters.

You do not need to worry, your safety is our priority. If you have doubt about our security system, you can look our guardline to secure your data here.

In Hadirr, we divide into 5 admins:

1. Super Admin

As a Super Admin, you are the one who can control everything at your company account, we limit only one Super Admin.

2. Admin General

We limit two Admin General who can help Super Admin.

3. Admin Attendance

We limit one Admin Attendance to manage your employee attendance.

4. Admin Reimbursement

We limit one Admin Reimbursement to manage your company’s reimbursement.

5. Admin Timesheet

Since Timesheet will be used after many mobile employees, we limit maximum 100 Admin Timesheet.

Please contact us to discuss this opportunity further.

Head Office:
Gedung Binasentra Lt. 1 Unit 106
Kompleks Bidakara
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 71-73
Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan 12870
Phone: (021) 3115-1775
Email: info@hadirr.com