Attendance solution for mobile workers, remote employees and multi branch offices

Attendance App for Remote Working

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Simulasi Memakai Hadirr App
Memantau Kehadiran Karyawan

Monitor Employee Attendance

Employee can record their attendance & overtime hours with just a few simple taps at approved locations using their mobile devices. Seamlessly integrate with Gadjian.

Memantau Lokasi Absen

Multiple Attendance Spots

GPS (Global Positioning System) -based technology enables you to record multiple attendance spots for your employees, anywhere in the world.

Sistem Deteksi Biometrik

Assurance with Face Recognition

Attendance submission is double-checked through face recognition technology. Face recognition as a complementary of GPS system to make Hadirr more accurate and preventing employee to cheat.

Catat & Hitung Jam Lembur

Timesheet Tracker

Employees can record their daily schedules and activities in real-time, allowing you to keep track of their productivity and time management

Memantau Jadwal Kerja

Client Visit

Employees can record their sales visits, schedule and activities in real-time, allowing you high-level visibility of their time management.



This feature helps HR and finance division to manage employee reimbursement. Employee can upload proof or receipt whereas HR and finance can coordinate to approve and pay the reimbursement.

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