A Versatile Attendance Management System

Clock In/Out App

Employees can record their work attendance via mobile phone from any GPS-trackable site.
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Field Sales Tracking

Track your field sales reps. customer visits, monitor their performance, and time management instantly.
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Online Timesheet

Assign daily timesheets to your teams, manage your projects, and improve your productivity from anywhere.
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Online Expense Reimbursement

Enabling HR & finance to coordinate on employees' expense reimbursement claims. Save paper, save the earth!
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Lend App

Employees forgot to bring their mobile phone? Don't worry! They can still record attendance activities through the Lend App feature on their colleague's phone.
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What makes Hadirr better?

Geofencing technology

GPS-based location monitoring enables you to set clock in/out areas, anywhere in the world.

Face Recognition System

Smart face detection system with real-time reports allow you to monitor a distributed workforce with ease.

More Hygienic

Employees no longer need to share an attendance machine as they can record attendance hours using their own mobile phones.

Minimizes Fraud

Digital system of records minimizes chance of data manipulation and fraud.


Got a variety of attendance rules? Hadirr can accomodate different group settings.

Integration with Gadjian

Easy payroll calculation. Just export the attendance data from Hadirr to Gadjian and employee salary is calculated automatically.

Distributed Access

Employees can access and view their attendance, client visits, and claims via mobile phones. Admins from different departments can collaborate and share roles.

Open API

Hadirr can be integrated with your existing HR system (HRIS/HRMS). Manage employee data and get employee attendance data via Hadirr API.

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