Smart Ways to Increase Business Profit with Hadirr Sales Management Software

The right sales management platform streamlines your workflow, so you can focus on winning deals and increase business profit.

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The right solution to Increase Business Profit

Hadirr Sales is a CRM application to support sales team performance and mobility.

Meningkatkan Omset Bisnis
Increase Business Profit

Record customer data and sales activity, Increase business profit.

Tim Sales Lebih Produktif
Gain Sales Productivity

Support sales mobility to sell more than before.


Who said CRM application is expensive? Spend less to gain more profit with Hadirr sales.

How Hadirr Help your Business

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  • Upgrade Sales Process

    Hadirr Sales helps to record the stages (pipeline) of sales, sales activities and customer data. With a monitored process, profit also increases.

  • Plan Sales Strategy

    Information in the Hadirr Sales app helps you develop better strategies and activities to achieve sales targets.

  • Easier Sales Team Collaboration

    By using Hadirr Sales, the sales team is more mobile, free to work, and saves time so that your sales and business profits increase.

  • Monitor Sales Activity

    Evaluate sales team activity and mobility at any time to ensure the monthly sales target is achieved.

  • Automated Sales Report

    Information on activity recap and sales target achievement is available automatically, helping sales managers to work.

Subscription Fee Info

We offer service that can be customized according to the number of Admins and Employees as per the needs of your team.

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Register your company to use Hadirr with competitive pricing and the best service.

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After subscribing to Hadirr, your company will get free Hadirr Sales for two admins and two employees.

Upgrade as Needed

You can upgrade the number of admins and employees as needed when using Hadirr Sales.

1 Month
$ 3 per Admin
$ 2 per Employee
6 Months Save 3%
$ 17.46 per Admin
$ 11.64 per Employee
12 Months Save 5%
$ 34.20 per Admin
$ 22.80 per Employee


Admins use Hadirr Sales to easily and efficiently manage employees


Employees use Hadirr Sales to achieve sales targets faster and easier

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