Is tracking employee attendance still relevant in today’s business environment? The answer is “it depends”. If your business is a “high-touch” service company that requires direct, on time contact with customers (restaurant, for example), a disciplined approach in employee attendance monitoring is a must as a streak of delinquency will create a domino effect towards business ruin and tarnished company reputation. But increasingly, not all types of industries or jobs require employees to work from 9 to 5. Some companies that focus more on employees’ work results tend to care less about tracking employee attendance. Even in service industries, it is quite common that the sales and marketing departments require minimum “facetime” in the office as their performance is mainly measured on the amount of sales that they bring in.

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However, one may argue that attendance is an indication of commitment and willingness to work, which will eventually lead to better work results. This is why employee attendance is still considered in many companies as one of the factors that affect an employee’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Another argument that supports the case for having employees clocking in their work hours is to ensure a regular work rhythm among team members. This is especially true for companies with distributed workforce.

At the end of the day, business productivity is all that matters. Ironically, some companies spend literally hours and even days to manage employees’ attendance data — which seems to negate the productivity of the hours being tracked. Luckily, digital tools like Hadirr are available to help businesses manage this issue. It has plentiful features that will help you track employee attendance at multiple locations, track their work hours on a project, and even help the finance department to manage travel reimbursements seamlessly. 

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Hadirr is a face recognition attendance system that verifies employees’ facial biometrics data with their selfie photo. By leveraging Global Positioning System (GPS), this cloud-based time attendance management system enables you to monitor attendance on multiple office branches instantly and simultaneously. Whether you are a business owner looking to improve productivity through digitalization post COVID-19 era, or a sales manager managing a remote sales team, or a project manager overseeing a distributed team, or an HR manager trying to save valuable time for more value-added tasks and spend less time for admin tasks, Hadirr has one feature or two which you might just love. Why not try it now?

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Writer: Haunina K. Sari